Cooperate with qualified staff with a minimum experience of 1000 hours performed in the Netherlands

The economy is blooming, yet the number of qualified emplyees decrease. They still exist over there- in Eastern Europe. There are still craftsmen who have mastered their profession. For example carpenters, plasterers and tilers for the constructions industry. Professionals for technical companies, in industry or transport, or specialists in scaffolding.

BTX knows where to find these professionals. Craftsmen who are well trained and do an excellent job. Motivated and flexible, who have gained many years of experience not only in their own country, but also in the Netherlands. We offer the services of professionals from the construction, scaffolding, technology and shipbuilding industries who have worked at least 1000 hours in the Netherlands.

We stand out due to the knowledge of applicable laws and rules of the Dutch market

If you engage BTX as a customer, you can be sure that you will get additional staff resources when needed. You Can be sure that we work in accordance with Dutch regulations. As specialists in the B2B industry, we have experience in responsible contracting and are familiar with all social guidelines that we must follow/we should obey. By properly treating our specialists and paying salary in line with the market, we also create a group of loyal entrepreneurs.

End up staffing shortage

Do you find it difficult to find qualified personnel? Not at BTX. Take an advantage of our knowledge & contacts and choose the specialists you need whenever you need them. Would you like to meet without any obligations? We are ready for you.